“I had the absolute pleasure in attending Gwendoline Johnston's microblading course over the past few days. It was such an amazing training and Gwendoline has so much knowledge and kindness. She is a brilliant educator and a master at her art. I am so happy I attended this training and feel so confident in offering this treatment to my clients! Thank you so much Gwendoline! — feeling blessed.”


“ have seen other therapist’s microblading work and it’s for sure not the quality that Gwendoline showed us.”


“Thank you Gwendoline for sharing ALL your hard earned knowledge with us in your training room. You didnt miss a thing! I would definitely urge everyone who would like to learn more about microblading to visit Gwendoline!  Not only is she the best trainer but also the best at microblading! Definitely WOW brows!”


“Gwendoline is very passionate in what she does and it definitely filtered through her work. I’ve definitely learned so much more and I’m improving my technique and shape.Yes the training did meet my expectations because I able to understand and see the difference between microblading and PMU.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their technique and increase their earning potential.”


“My training experience was great. All my questions were answered and I feel more than adequate to do the best brows I possible can. I especially like your support system after the training. It has only been a few weeks since the training and my amount of brow clients has already increased. Thank you so much.”


“I found the training very helpful!   I felt very unsure before the course and it helped me understand what I was not doing/doing wrong, so I feel it has helped me greatly to improve my permanent makeup techniques. I think it is important to keep learning and keep doing advanced courses annually. There are not enough short advance training courses in SA as in other countries.”