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6th May 2020
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3D Microblade Eyebrows

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3D Microblade Eyebrows

Online Course

Our Advanced 3D Microblade Eyebrows course comprises of in-depth theory, practice and practical’s. You will learn how to shape eyebrows correctly according to face shape and bone structure and place every hair stroke perfectly to create the most natural-looking microblade eyebrows. On completion of our highly informative, hands-on practical course, you will know how utilise the Microblade tool efficiently. Furthermore, you will feel completely comfortable and confident to offer this service as well as competently perform this advanced procedure on your clients.


Lesson 1
Getting Started
Lesson 2
Practise Templates
Lesson 3
About Eyebrows
Lesson 4
The search for true Natural Hairline Strokes Anatomy and Physiology
Lesson 5
Designing the eyebrows
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Topical Anaesthetics
Lesson 8
Post Procedure
Lesson 9
Aftercare Instructions
Lesson 10
The Healing Process
Lesson 11
Refinement (AKA Touch up)
Lesson 12
Topical Anaesthetics
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Photography Tips
Lesson 15
Marketing Ideas
Lesson 16
Case Studys
Lesson 17
Microblade Healed Results
Assignment 1
3D Microblade Eyebrows
Quiz 1
Questions about Permanent Makeup

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