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21st September 2016
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See exactly what our students say!

 Don’t take our word for it!  We made a collage of raw and unedited student feedback so you can see exactly what our trainees are saying about their training experience.


First, meet Miss L (who travelled all the way from KZN) to attend our Microneedling, Scalp Pigmentation and Eyeliner classes:


Next, we introduce Miss N (our Cape Town-based student) – she has attended 4 training courses over the past year:  Microblade Eyebrows, Ombre Lips, Tattoo Removal and Areola Simulation:



Miss D is a professional from Johannesburg – here is her blatant uncut version of her training experience:

And finally, we have Mej E from a Johannesburg-based specialist doctor’s rooms.  Hier is haar opleiding ondervinding (onthou ons gee dit rou en ongesny!):


We would love to introduce you to the exciting range of benefits the vibrant and every-evolving world of permanent makeup has to offer!

About the author:

is an AIIC US Master-Certified Permanent Makeup & Paramedical Specialist Practitioner.  She keeps abreast of latest procedures, methods and techniques through continuous ongoing training from international industry experts.  Gwendoline is a highly professional individual with 18 years’ advanced industry experience. 





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We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes in the near future!




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